Currently Reading Willows of Fate

My current selection to review is the novel Willows of Fate by Suzanna J. Linton, which I discovered on Book Club Reading List. It is a fascinating fantasy novel full of intrigue, magic, and mystery. My review will be up soon, but for now please enjoy this brief synopsis.


Desdemona worries she’s crazy. She can see knights and dragons, centaurs and girls with three eyes. She sees them as if they are flesh and blood people strolling down the street. Though she tries to ignore them, they are a part of her everyday life.

When her mother dies, Des returns to her hometown, where she is haunted by her childhood and by her mother’s insistence that she keep her visions a secret. But things take a chilling turn when her visions, her phantoms, begin to speak to her.

She is in terrible danger, they tell her. She must go with them to their world or terrible things will happen. Des tries harder to ignore what she sees and hears–until her brother vanishes and she discovers a terrible family secret.

Be sure to check out my exclusive interview with Suzanna J. Linton here, and keep reading for my review of this wonderful novel.

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