What I Read in October…

I didn’t have much time for reading this month, as I moved to Arizona to start a new job. I only finished three books, unless you count books on crocheting, which are mostly not in English, but a confusing jumble of letters and numbers that barely even make sense to someone who does crochet regularly. This month, I read:

I also finally finished an insanely good Doctor Who/Torchwood fanfiction series that I have been reading for a few months now. Altogether, it was 595,139 words long, which is longer than all four of Tolkien’s books in the Lord of the Rings series combined. It is nearly as long as the first two books in a Song of Ice and Fire combined. These stories were creative, fascinating, and involved an internally consistent set of laws and theories about time travel and the science behind it. The author had clearly spent a lot of time researching, not only the entire Doctor Who and Torchwood canon, but also the audio plays that have been recorded as well. Anyone who doesn’t admire fanfiction authors hasn’t read enough fanfiction. The fact that there are many people willing to write novel length works under a pseudonym, without getting paid or getting credit for doing so, is amazing to me. There are people who love television shows and books and movies so much that they are willing to dedicate hours to reading and writing about those worlds, and they definitely deserve much more recognition than they ever receive.

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