Currently Reading: The Webs of Varok

Happy New Year, book lovers! I am back with a new book that I am very excited about reviewing. The Webs of Varok by Carolyn Neeper won the Nautilus silver award in 2013 and was a ForeWord finalist in 2012 in the category of Adult Science Fiction. I found it on Cheap Kindle Books and got in touch with Ms. Neeper. Since the book is the second in a series, I have also read the first book in The Archives of Varok, The View Beyond Earth. I will be reviewing both of them together, which I hope will make up in part for my long hiatus.


The microbiologist human Tandra Grey follows her best instincts when trusting two aliens from nearby Varok. She bonds with them and takes her young daughter away from Earth to their ancient planet, where she expects to find the peace of a stable no-growth economy. Perhaps what she learns can set a good example for an overused Earth. Instead, its recovery sets the example. Tandra confronts a dangerous varokian beauty with a lack of integrity. Her metaphorical ability to block her mind from reading is destroying stability on Varok and challenging Tandra’s fragile new family.

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