Currently Reading: Wolf

I have been in correspondence with prolific Western writer John Legg, who has published over 50 westerns and has recently branched out into Wolf, a western fantasy novel. I always love a good genre mash-up, so when I came across Wolf on the Cheap Kindle Books reading list, I was instantly intrigued.

Bounty hunter John Schilling carries a dark secret with him as he travels his lonely way across the West. But not only is he a man hunter, he is a man hunted. A curse cast upon his father a century ago is buried deep in him, eating at his soul. Because of it, he keeps to himself, always. Until he meets the beautiful Meg Travers. When Meg is threatened, he can no longer hide his true nature, and gives free rein to his wolf-self. And for those who would harm Meg, hell comes calling.



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