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Book Review: Dark Space

Dark Space: Humanity is Defeated is the first book of six in the Dark Space series by Jasper T. Scott. There are also three books in an accompanying series Dark Space Universe. When I signed up for Jasper’s newsletter, I received a copy for… Continue Reading “Book Review: Dark Space”

Author Interview with Jasper T. Scott

I’m currently reading Dark Space: Humanity is Defeated by Jasper T. Scott. Scott is a USA Today bestselling author of 14 science fiction novels. Humanity is Defeated is the first book in the 6 book saga Dark Space and I am enthralled so far.… Continue Reading “Author Interview with Jasper T. Scott”

Currently Reading: Dark Space: Humanity is Defeated

Jasper T. Scott’s series Dark Space caught my eye on the Novel Blogs Reading List. A science fiction series about the possible end of the human race, I can’t wait to dive into this first book of the trilogy. With the Sythians determined to… Continue Reading “Currently Reading: Dark Space: Humanity is Defeated”

Astronomical By K. G. Bethlehem

I also write reviews for the website, I recently reviewed the book Astronomical by author K. G. Bethlehem, which was astronomically disappointing, to be honest. To find out more and to see why I gave this book only one star, check out the… Continue Reading “Astronomical By K. G. Bethlehem”

Book Review – The View Beyond Earth and The Webs of Varok

The Archives of Varok “Come to me, Shawne. Let me tell you a story of how it all began. I’ll tell you the Song of Time and Beginnings…Suddenly, as if the thought were too powerful or the yearning for beauty too great—there was Existence:… Continue Reading “Book Review – The View Beyond Earth and The Webs of Varok”

Author Interview with Carolyn Neeper

I have just finished the first book in Carolyn Neeper’s series The Archives of Varok, The View Beyond Earth, and am halfway through the second book, The Webs of Varok. I can’t wait to post my review on these two books, but in the… Continue Reading “Author Interview with Carolyn Neeper”

Currently Reading: The Webs of Varok

Happy New Year, book lovers! I am back with a new book that I am very excited about reviewing. The Webs of Varok by Carolyn Neeper won the Nautilus silver award in 2013 and was a ForeWord finalist in 2012 in the category of… Continue Reading “Currently Reading: The Webs of Varok”