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Author Interview with Jasper T. Scott

I’m currently reading Dark Space: Humanity is Defeated by Jasper T. Scott. Scott is a USA Today bestselling author of 14 science fiction novels. Humanity is Defeated is the first book in the 6 book saga Dark Space and I am enthralled so far.… Continue Reading “Author Interview with Jasper T. Scott”

Author Interview with John Legg

John’s genre bending novel is keeping me riveted at the moment as I finish it and write up the review. In the meantime, enjoy this brief interview that John was kind enough to provide me with.   Wolf What inspired you the most while… Continue Reading “Author Interview with John Legg”

Author Interview with Scott Bury

Author Scott Bury, whose book The Bones of the Earth  I am currently reviewing, agreed to answer a few questions for me. The Bones of the Earth What inspired you the most while writing this book? It was the way so many different historical events… Continue Reading “Author Interview with Scott Bury”

Author Interview with Brian Freyermuth

Brian Freyermuth was kind enough to grant me an interview while I finish up reading and writing the review for his novel, Demon Dance (A Sundancer Novel Book 1). . Demon Dance What inspired you the most while writing this book? While I was… Continue Reading “Author Interview with Brian Freyermuth”

Author Interview with Carolyn Neeper

I have just finished the first book in Carolyn Neeper’s series The Archives of Varok, The View Beyond Earth, and am halfway through the second book, The Webs of Varok. I can’t wait to post my review on these two books, but in the… Continue Reading “Author Interview with Carolyn Neeper”

Author Interview with R. Holland

I am currently reading Ana Be Still: Deathly Revelations, the first book in R. Holland’s series, Ana Be Still. The author was kind enough to grant me an interview about her book and her writing process. Ana Be Still: Deathly Revelations What inspired you… Continue Reading “Author Interview with R. Holland”

Author Interview with David Litwack

As you know, I am currently reading David Litwack’s book, The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky. Since I am still in the process of reading and writing the review, he agreed to answer a few questions for me about the book and… Continue Reading “Author Interview with David Litwack”

Author Interview with Suzanna J. Linton

I recently had the opportunity to interview Suzanna J. Linton, author of Willows of Fate and three other fantasy novels.  My review of Willows of Fate can be found here. For now, enjoy the full interview below. 1) What inspired you the most while writing… Continue Reading “Author Interview with Suzanna J. Linton”