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Currently Reading: Dark Space: Humanity is Defeated

Jasper T. Scott’s series Dark Space caught my eye on the Novel Blogs Reading List. A science fiction series about the possible end of the human race, I can’t wait to dive into this first book of the trilogy. With the Sythians determined to… Continue Reading “Currently Reading: Dark Space: Humanity is Defeated”

Currently Reading: Wolf

I have been in correspondence with prolific Western writer John Legg, who has published over 50 westerns and has recently branched out into Wolf, a western fantasy novel. I always love a good genre mash-up, so when I came across Wolf on the Cheap… Continue Reading “Currently Reading: Wolf”

Currently Reading: The Bones of the Earth

  In the darkest time of the Dark Age, as barbarians raid across the broken Roman Empire at will and the earth itself turns on human civilization, a young man comes of age when his parents are murdered. Javor’s search for revenge brings him… Continue Reading “Currently Reading: The Bones of the Earth”

Currently Reading: Demon Dance

When Brian Freyermuth contacted me and asked me to review his book Demon Dance, from the Book Club Reading List, I was thrilled. I’ve just started it on my Kindle and I can’t wait to share my interview with Brian with my readers. Until… Continue Reading “Currently Reading: Demon Dance”

Currently Reading: The Webs of Varok

Happy New Year, book lovers! I am back with a new book that I am very excited about reviewing. The Webs of Varok by Carolyn Neeper won the Nautilus silver award in 2013 and was a ForeWord finalist in 2012 in the category of… Continue Reading “Currently Reading: The Webs of Varok”

Currently Reading: Ana Be Still

The next book that I am reviewing is Ana Be Still: Deathly Revelations, which is the first book in a paranormal romance series by R. Holland. I found the book browsing on the Cheap Kindle Books reading list and am looking forward to getting… Continue Reading “Currently Reading: Ana Be Still”

Currently Reading The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky

I recently received a copy of the fantasy novel The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky by author David Litwack. I discovered the book on Book Club Reading List and am reading it now. I will be posting an interview with David Litwack… Continue Reading “Currently Reading The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky”

Currently Reading Willows of Fate

My current selection to review is the novel Willows of Fate by Suzanna J. Linton, which I discovered on Book Club Reading List. It is a fascinating fantasy novel full of intrigue, magic, and mystery. My review will be up soon, but for now… Continue Reading “Currently Reading Willows of Fate”