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Book Review: Dark Space

Dark Space: Humanity is Defeated is the first book of six in the Dark Space series by Jasper T. Scott. There are also three books in an accompanying series Dark Space Universe. When I signed up for Jasper’s newsletter, I received a copy for… Continue Reading “Book Review: Dark Space”

Book Review- The Bones of the Earth

The Bones of the Earth by Scott Bury is a part of the Book Club Reading List and is truly an asset to the fantasy section of the website. Fast paced and detailed, it will keep readers hooked until the last page. “Civilization is… Continue Reading “Book Review- The Bones of the Earth”

Book Review – The View Beyond Earth and The Webs of Varok

The Archives of Varok “Come to me, Shawne. Let me tell you a story of how it all began. I’ll tell you the Song of Time and Beginnings…Suddenly, as if the thought were too powerful or the yearning for beauty too great—there was Existence:… Continue Reading “Book Review – The View Beyond Earth and The Webs of Varok”

Book Review- Willows of Fate

Suzanna J. Linton’s Willows of Fate caught my eye immediately when I came across it on Book Club Reading List. The cover is gorgeous and evocative and the summary promised a fantasy story linked intrinsically to fairy stories and other realms. I was definitely… Continue Reading “Book Review- Willows of Fate”